Privacy policy

Help studying web privacy aspects and designing good solutions

SensorsPrivacy is a study on privacy aspects of sensors data. The goal is to improve the privacy landscape of widely used technologies. To help doing so, you have an option to donate anonymized data originating from the readout of sensors in your device. To do so, you can click an appropriate button located on any experiment page (such as Ambient Light Sensor).

The data will only help improving Internet privacy. It will never be shared with anyone.

When you choose to participate in the experiment, the following data may be sent/saved to SensorsPrivacy server for privacy research purposes:

  • Sensor readout value and time. To help understanding sensors privacy and to allow the creation of good web standards and defenses.
  • Type of web browser (User-Agent string). To help understanding how sensors data varies among devices.
The only reason SensorsPrivacy is using cookies is to facilitate privacy research and understanding the mechanics of sensor data changes. The data will never be shared with anyone. The data will only be used for privacy research, with the aim of leading to improving web standards and web browsers security and privacy.